Company Profile

Our History

Farris Brothers was founded as a dry goods company in 1946 by Sam Farris and two of his brothers in an 800 sq ft facility. Officially, Farris Brothers became incorporated in 1956 under the sole ownership of Sam Farris. The company transitioned from dry goods to fishing tackle during the late 1950’s and in 1958 the company moved to a 2000sq ft facility. During the 1960’s Sam Farris did all duties from traveling sales to receivables and as the company prospered a move toward the addition of hunting products was made. In 1967 a new 4000 sq ft facility was built. Over the next decade, Sam Farris recognized the interest of his son Bart and in 1979 Bart Farris became Vice President of the company and began to take over the role of purchasing along with traveling sales. During this time warehouse space was woefully inadequate and in 1980 moved to a 22,000 sq ft facility. In 1987 Farris Brothers joined the computer age and continued to aggressively grow the hunting side of the business. Sam Farris passed away in 1994 at which time Bart Farris fully assumed the reins of the company.

As the company aggressively overhauled its sales force and technology, growth of the company was double during the 1990’s. In 1995 a modern 36,000 warehouse facility was built. A fire completely destroyed the operation in September of 2007. The company was up and running in a temporary location in 1 week and was at 90% capacity within 90 days. Today Farris Brothers occupies 70,000sq ft new and much more modernized facility and is poised to handle growth at the historic rate for the next 5 to 8 years.

General Business Activities

Farris Brothers, Inc. is a Distributor of Fishing and Hunting products covering the Southeastern United States. Our primary customer is the Independent Retail Dealer ranging from the large full line sporting goods stores to hardware stores, marinas, tackle shops, feed & seed stores, etc. Our sales force is comprised of 9 outside sale reps covering all of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee as well as East Texas, Southern Arkansas and North Florida. In addition to our outside sales force we have 4 in house Telemarketers covering primarily the Midwest, Northeast and Southern Florida. The traveling Sales staff are supported by an in-house Customer Service team.

Two Annual Dealer Shows are held in January (Fishing) and June (Hunting). Two full color catalogs are also produced for each Fishing and Hunting season. Our business make up is roughly 50/50 Fishing/Hunting.


Total Employees: 33 Full time, 9 Part time